Transportation delivery

Eco-friendly rail transport

As you can see from the graph above, rail transportation is the mode of transport with the least amount of carbon dioxide emissions in 4 modes.

Also, railroads can transport large quantities of luggage at once, over long distances.

And most of all, transportation speed is overwhelmingly higher than trucking and shipping.

Currently the fastest freight train in Japan runs at a speed of 130 km / h and is a "Super Rail Cage" connecting Tokyo Osaka in about 6 hours.

Recently decreasing rail transport

Rail transport with long distance transportation and high speed transport possible and environmentally friendly.

However, railway transport is decreasing year by year. Why is it so reduced why there are such merits?

In fact, compared with rail transportation and truck transport, the lead time is very long.

"Lead time" is the time from ordering goods to delivering goods.

The reason that the "lead time" becomes long is not only shipping freight lines but also shipping passenger routes.

In the past, there were many cargo exclusive routes more than now, but in recent years the transition from cargo exclusive routes to passenger exclusive routes is increasing, there is a tendency to prefer passenger train diamonds over cargo trains It is.

Yet another problem is the decrease in container handling stations in recent years.

Currently in Japan around the country, the container handling station is about 130 stations.

In addition, 30 of them adopt the E&S container handling system that can quickly transfer containers. By doing so, we are achieving speedy rail transport.

  • It is suitable for mass transit and is more environmentally friendly than other modes.
  • Due to the long lead time and the reduction of freight lines dedicated to freight, the percentage of railway transport is decreasing in recent years.

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