Transportation delivery

Truck transportation which is outstanding flexibility


Unlike the other three modes, there are more flexibility in transportation than other three modes, such as time designated freedom and door to door transport, for truck transport.

Regarding the degree of freedom of time designation, it is possible to wait in the immediate vicinity if there is time designation as compared with the other three modes.

As for door-to-door transport, since we are using a lot of streets around familiar places, they can organize more freely than other three modes.

Trucking concerned about environmental problems

  This kind of convenient truck transport. But, of course there are disadvantages. 

 First, it is a decline in loading efficiency and transportation efficiency due to expansion of the advection range.

So, trucking is mainly used for short distance shipping which can not be done with the other three modes.

And the second one is a disadvantage in environmental problems.

If you look at the graph above it is obvious. For private cargo trucks, it is about 60 times as much as the railway.

Therefore, in the field of truck transportation, environment-friendly low-pollution vehicles are spreading and transportation processes are improved by improving the efficiency of logistics by "modal shift" combining other modes, replacing fuel as a measure against energy problems (energy depletion) We are taking measures.

  • It is suitable for short distance transportation and has flexibility in time designation.
  • If the amount of carbon dioxide emissions is larger than the other modes and the more the transportation range is expanded,the more transport efficiency and other factors will be reduced.

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