Transportation delivery


The big one is the strength of shipping transport

A number of cargo ships that you can often see when you go near the harbor.

Like a cargo ship, means of shipping by ship is called shipping.

As one of the merits of shipping, there is little shock to the baggage.

Because the car is traveling on the sea, there is almost no shake of the ship unless there is much to do.

And the other benefit is to carry large luggage no matter what.

The size of container ships and tankers no longer compares with trucks and railways.

By the way, the world's largest cargo ship is now a container ship called "Maersk · Triple E" boasting a total length of 400 m and a width of 59 m, and it seems that about 12,870 containers can be loaded.

Also, because you are traveling on the sea, you can also control the risk of theft.

Slow speed ship transport

Ship transportation that has less shocks to the baggage and is also excellent in safety because it can transport large items of luggage

However, there is a disadvantage in such "shipping transport" as well.

"Ship transport" is slower than other transport methods first.

A further disadvantage is that, as for small baggage, transportation expenses become expensive.

In fact, speaking of the ship of "ship transportation", there are many relatively large items such as "container ship" and "tanker" which are often seen at the port.

  • It is highly safe and can transport relatively large packages.
  • Compared with other means of transportation, the speed is slow.

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