Increase redelivery problem

I was just redelivering yesterday. I forgot that I was ordering any longer ...
Remember about what you ordered!
But I will forget it unexpectedly. Especially when I have ordered casually since I ordered the number of days.

Re-delivery which is increasing in recent years

In addition to the problem of "shortage of personnel" that was picked up in the previous page, there is probably a redelivery problem that everyone knows as well.

As with "problem of shortage of manpower", this problem has been getting worse due to the sharp increase of luggage by mail-order expansion which has expanded in recent years.

By increasing redelivery

As I mentioned earlier, the increasing redelivery in recent years

So what kind of problems will come about by increasing redelivery?

First of all, I am concerned about environmental problems.

If they receives a request for redelivery, they will re-deliver, of course, but in doing so we will emit carbon dioxide during transportation, resulting in useless emissions.

Carbon dioxide emissions in redelivery increased by 420,000 tons, which is said to be equivalent to the annual absorption of cedar forests about 2.5 times the area inside the Yamanote line.

In addition, as the e-commerce sharply increased in recent years, problems of driver shortage have occurred, and re-delivery on that occasion increases the working hours of each driver

How to solve the redelivery problem?

Example of a station delivery box at a station

So, what kind of solution is there to solve this problem?

One solution is to set up a "home delivery box" at a station or home that has become a hot topic recently.

As a merit of "Delivery Box", even when you are out of the office, you can put delivered items in it, so there is no need to redeliver. It looks like a post.

In addition, recently, there are cases where "home delivery box" is installed at the station, so you can receive delivered items as it is on the way back from the company.

Also, as one of the causes of redelivery, there are voices saying that they had forgotten that they had ordered a parcel delivery service, so cooperation between the customer and the delivery company is also important.

  • Re-delivery causes significant impact.
  • There is a system which can receive the package properly even in the absence.

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