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Did you know about the logistics structure and the problems it currently has?

"物 流"We never thought that this two letters have deep meanings.
Distribution that accounts for a fair percentage in commerce and marketing has a wide range handled anyway and we were worried about how much should be posted.

In making this page, what we thought about investigating logistics is that there are no sites that expertly describe logistics toward junior high and high school students.Also, the department for logistics specialization is also quite limited at university .We guess that it is not so close to us that junior high and high school students are not interested in logistics.

However, now that logistics has become closely related to individuals through online mail order and individual transactions (such as Furima app), we think it is important to know and think about logistics and problems.

If you buy things online, it will arrive the next day. Moreover, it is free.

It has become a convenient world, but behind it, there are countless hardships of people involved in logistics.
Problems such as shortage of manpower and an increase in re-delivery can be solved by unmanned by a home delivery robot, drone, etc., and installation of a home delivery box at all homes.

However, these things still require time to realize.
There are many things we can do.
Let's cooperate to solve the problem from small familiar places such as using the station delivery box of the station, receiving the convenience store, etc.

It would be greatly appreciated if you look at this site, be interested in logistics, and become aware of the problem of logistics in daily life, such as "Let's receive at a convenience store from the next."

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