Cargo handling

"Nyaku"? It is a word that I can not hear much.
In kanji "cargo handling". The role of loads? I do not understand.

What is cargo handling?

Handling is a business at a logistics facility (such as a warehouse) that connects "storage" and "transportation".

Material handling (logistics facilities) Equipment and workers are active mainly, forklifts, conveyors, people's hands are the mainstay.

Specifically, there are various opinions
Receipt ・・・ To put things that arrived from the producer into the logistics facility.  
Transportation ・・・ Move things to another place in the logistics facility.
Use belt conveyors and forklifts.
Shelf ・・・ Put the goods received at a predetermined position such as a shelf.
Inventory control ・・・ To accurately manage the number and place of shelved items.
For more information, read Logistics .
Picking ・・・ Work to remove goods and products from the shelf in the warehouse. Please see below for details.
Sorting ・・・ Separate items by delivery destination, type and so on.
Packing ・・・ Pack the goods and make sure they do not break during transportation.
For details commentary on distribution .
Goods issue ・・・ Sending goods from the logistics facility and sending it to the shipping destination.  
It can be divided as above.It is very wide.


Picking is Work to remove goods and products from the shelf in the warehouse . For example, suppose you bought a book at a mail-order site. Picking is to pick up the ordered book from the warehouse and carry it to the place of boxing.

Picking is central presence in cargo handling . In other words, to increase the efficiency of cargo handling, It is essential to increase picking efficiency .

In the recent logistics industry, in order to make picking more efficient,
Two methods of "automation" and "cross docking system" are taken.


It is to fully automate the warehouse and others with a robot etc. so that picking work can be done unattended.

Cross-docking system

It is a mechanism that allows products to be delivered to stores immediately after being delivered to a distribution facility by a company such as a supermarket, without performing temporary storage of the work, such as sorting, immediately.

It is possible to reduce the operation cost by not requiring large-scale logistics facilities and warehouse.

Since we do work such as sorting as soon as it is delivered, it is necessary to receive reports from the store in advance and decide the amount to sort with the sort destination, and advanced information network / logistics know-how It is necessary.

  • Material handling refers to the work in the warehouse that connects "storage" and "transport delivery", and the content is broad.
  • It is indispensable to improve picking efficiency to improve cargo handling efficiency.

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