Inventory control

In the logistics process from distribution centers to retail stores, the need to correctly manage inventory is increasing.

If the inventory is too much, it is necessary to dispose of it when it is time to manage and the expiration date, but even if the stock is insufficient, the problem of lowering the satisfaction of the customer arises.

Inventory management is also closely linked with such order processing. Also, there are various concepts such as inventory to be in stock, distribution center inventory, shop inventory, returned goods inventory, even if it says inventory. In addition, real-time inventory visualization and inventory closure are becoming increasingly important.

Judgment of location conditions

Judgment of location conditions is based on each item in the figure below.


Theoretical background will be added to the practices of logistics / logistics that has been done only by intuition and experience by preliminary prediction (simulation) using a computer.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was not a simple flow of goods, but a foundation to develop logistics strategically and scientifically was created.

  • Logistics has various roles.
  • Logistics plays an important role in logistics.

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