What is logistics?

Logistics is a military term originally meaning "logistics".

Types of logistics functions

Logistics has various functions, but mainly the following are discussed.
· Logistics Management
· 3PL
· Inventory management
· Judgment of location conditions
· Proactive forecasting

Logistics Management

The logistics management is as shown in the figure below.

In this way, we optimize logistics management by closely linking all four of procurement logistics, production logistics, sales logistics and collection logistics.


SCM refers to a series of information flowing from consumers' materials procurement to consumers (referred to as subprime chains) by information and comprehensively managing them. This eliminates various losses of the entire business process and can realize "overall optimization".


3PL stands for Third Party Logistics, which is defined as "an obligation to propose logistics reform to shippers and entrust the logistics industry in a comprehensive manner".

Introduction of 3PL periodically holds meetings by shippers and logistics companies to check and analyze the current situation,
The shipper company creates a proposal request to several companies, bidding, introduces 3PL, etc.

In order to succeed 3PL, it is important to outsource moderate operations and thoroughly share information, and to thoroughly verify success and failure examples of 3PL introduction.

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