Logistics and environmental problems

On the previous page I mentioned the carbon dioxide emissions as a fuel for transportation in the automobile sector.
Then, we dig into the environmental burden besides fuel briefly.

Use of cooling facilities

I think that you can imagine that the use of cooling facilities (such as refrigerators and freezers) imposes a burden on the environment.
Then, what kind of load is being used and how much is it?

It is mainly the discharge of Freon gasFreon gas is famous as a greenhouse gas. Freon gas is often used as refrigerant (for cooling) when cooling.

Use of logistics related equipment

The environmental impact caused by the use of logistics related equipment is mainly the emission of carbon dioxide.

· Environmental burden due to use of lighting and air conditioning.
This is an environmental burden due to carbon dioxide emitted when electricity necessary for using lighting is generated.

· indirect use of electricity, gas and water in the company.
This is also the environmental burden that occurs when using gas when generating electricity. Also, water may also burden the environment in some cases.

· Use of equipment for recycling and reuse.
This is the environmental burden that occurs when logging forests to make equipment.

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