Logistics and environmental problems

I wonder what kind of "environmental problems" are in "logistics".
Exhaust gas from the truck etc. as an example?
How can we solve the "environmental problem" anyway?

Environmental problems caused by logistics

Do you know how logistics affect the global environment?
Which logistics affect the global environment, it is ...
Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)

So, we will explain the relationship between logistics and carbon dioxide emissions from now on.

Carbon dioxide emissions accounted for by logistics

One indication of how much carbon dioxide is discharged by logistics is that,
This is the emission rate of carbon dioxide occupied by logistics.

The figure below shows the breakdown of carbon dioxide emissions in the logistics cargo sector in fiscal 2015.


You can see that private cargo trucks account for about 80% of the distribution rate of logistics.
In addition, the proportion of the automotive division which combined the proportion of freight cars for private use and sales is over 95% of the total.
The figure below shows trends in distribution of carbon dioxide emissions by logistics.

Carbon dioxide emissions accounted for by the logistics department (transport sector) was second only to the industrial sector until 2005,
It is clear that we have gained the third place in 2015 after exceeding the discharge ratio to the business and other departments that ranked third among 2005 ~ 2010.

Why is the automotive sector's carbon dioxide emissions higher?

Since the railway operates primarily with electricity, the emission rate of carbon dioxide is small, the ship moves mainly with heavy oil, and the number is small, so the emission rate is small.

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