Distribution processing

"Distribution processing" ... honestly I have not heard so much ...
From the words "processing distribution" · · ·? I do not understand.

What is distribution processing?

Also called logistics processing, it is the work of processing things at a logistics facility.

Producers and distributors do, machinery such as packaging machines, people's hands are the mainstay.

Compared with other five major functions, efficiency has not progressed and there are opinions that it is necessary to improve it in the future.

Specifically, I will do the following work.
Inspection ・・・ Check the state of things, whether the machine is working, or if it is clothing, check whether the needle is mixed in.
[Example] We investigate whether oranges sent in cardboard are damaged.
Subdivision ・・・ Divide things sent into a big box into numbers and weights suitable for sale.
[Example] Divide 50 oranges that entered corrugated cardboard into five pieces each.
Packaging ・・・ To protect things against external shocks, to increase the value of things, put them in a strong and highly designable box.
For details, please see Packaging .
[Example] Put the oranges divided into five pieces together in a bag.
・・・ It is a task of assembling and assembling several items such as gifts and lucky bags.
[Example] In order to make a national orange set to sell at an oranget fair of department stores, pack the oranges of each place packaged in a box.
Labeling ・・・ Put price tag, item explanation label, bar code.
[Example] Apply a label of "1980 yen" to the national oranges set.
Enclosed ・・・ Putting printed matter in things.
[Example] Place advertisements for department stores in boxes of national oranges set.
and so on. There are other things not mentioned here. As with cargo handling, Extremely wide .

In the past, each specialist was in charge of inspection, packing, packaging and other operations, but recently these producers completed at the factory or one company carries out all within the same logistics facility By doing so, it has become more efficient to save transportation time and effort.

  • Distribution processing is business such as packing boxes and price tags, the content is wide.
  • Compared with other five major functions, efficiency has not progressed.

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