Shopping vulnerable problem

I might have heard of "Shoppers are weak" on TV!
Certainly, there are no shops close to home, and going to the supermarket is a matter of bothering those who take the trouble to go far.
Why did "weak shoppers" have arisen?

What is the weak shopping

People who are difficult to shop for food items and daily necessities in the area where you live.

It is said that there are about 6 million people nationwide, mainly the elderly.

The reason why this problem is related to logistics is that supermarkets and convenience stores are closely related to logistics, and this problem is also necessary from the viewpoint of logistics.

There is also a way to solve this problem in logistics.


Causes of increased shopping

The reasons for the increase are as follows.

Large commercial facilities are built in the suburbs, the number of customers decreases,
Supermarkets and shops in neighborhood that management became difficult became crushed.
They do not have cars - People who can not drive or who live in areas where the transportation network is weakened due to waste lines and the like will be unable to shop food and daily necessities in the neighborhood.

Solution for vulnerable shopping

The following three are listed.

  • Make a store.
  • Make it easier for you to go from a house to a store.
It is not wrong, but it will be difficult to open a store or to draw a line in areas where profit is not expected.
  • Deliver goods to home. (Movement Sales)
I think this is the best, realistic .
It will be useful not only for the elderly but also for all generations if you bring the goods to the house. In addition, by using mobile sales as weapons, the store side can sell products without price reduction, which leads to improved profit.

Move on sale now

At present, major convenience stores and mobile sales specialists are entering from the local supermarket for mobile sales, supporting the lives of elderly people with few moving means.

Mobile sales of FamilyMart (convenience store)
By Hajime NAKANO [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In logistics company Kuroneki Yamato, we have begun Verificational "Robonnekoyamato" service, which allows us to purchase what we want from a number of franchise stores and deliver it near our house . After that, as with other mobile sales, I just go there and receive it.

The great thing about this service is that the home delivery locker is loaded on the car carrier, so if the automated driving vehicle becomes popular it means that you can deliver the package unattended. Also you can receive things you bought through internet mail order, you can solve the problem of people shortage in logistics.

  • Shoppers are those who have difficulty in buying foods and daily necessities due to collapsing neighbors' supermarkets despite having no means of transportation.
  • As a solution, super mobile sales are thought to be powerful, and some areas have already been done.

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