Importance of logistics

I often use "online shopping" well , because I am going to buy a plastic model or a game.
I often buy rackets and shoes at online shopping. I use it at least ten times a month.
I often use it. However, if we are using "online shopping" so much alone, we can see how logistics is important.

Importance of logistics

Speaking of what you think logistics means I think that there are various things. For example, logistics such as convenience stores and online mail ordering can be said to be a very important thing that supports our surroundings.

Suddenly, everyone Please remember the eastern Japan great earthquake of March 11, 2011. In the same way that water came out from the water pipe on that day, the distribution network was cut off and necessary supplies for daily life had not arrived.

We will not be conscious of the existence of logistics usually. But when logistics disappears from us, its importance will definitely come to mind.

For a long time logistics was the existence of a "shadow under the edge" shadow. For example, in the age of high economic growth where Japan has greatly developed after the war, it was completed as a logistics role if you send the products to be consumed more and more to the consumers. In other words, the underpinning of gorgeous sales and production work was the role of logistics.

However, in modern management, management concerning a series of things such as transportation, storage, cargo handling etc. to be introduced later is thoroughly carried out, and it is structured to carry goods more efficiently. That part is explained on the mechanism page.

  • Logistics supports convenience stores and online shopping.
  • Logistics is now indispensable to modern society.

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