Venous physical flow

I know the word "vein". I remember doing it in the science class.
You learned blood from the whole body returning to your heart as venous blood. Is there anything related to this?

What is intravenous logistics?

Up to this point, I have explained the flow of things from producers to us, but in fact there is the opposite.

That is, transporting used products and industrial waste to recycling centers and disposal sites .

Why, "vein", this is compared to human blood vessels.
So, the logistics that we have learned so far from producers to consumers is also called "arterial logistics".

Importance of venous logistics

Vein logistics has a somber image, which may not be too bad, but it is very important.

Recently, in order to protect the environment, we began to recycle waste paper from newspapers, PET bottles, mobile phone batteries, printer inks. Also, it is not good to throw away the pollution as it is, industrial waste has to be decided according to the decisions.

Venous logistics is less noticeable, but essential to our lives,
"It is a rich mind".

  • To collect unnecessary items and transport them to a recycling center etc. in the venous logistics.
  • There are also many in familiar places such as waste paper collection, and it is indispensable to us.

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