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Have you ever used a free-form app such as Amazon online shopping, Mercari etc.? Perhaps, there are more people who have used it? When I do not have anything I want in stores, I often use Amazon when cheaper than buying at a store. It is convenient!

By the way, how do you care about how you bought on the net will come to you? There is the existence "logistics" there.
This "logistics" is in every and every place in our life.

In other words, our lives can not exist without "logistics"!

However, "logistics" now faces various crises ...

In this way, "logistics" in Japan is dangerous!
Welcome to the junior high and high school students who are responsible for the future, want to know and think about "logistics" well!

We thought so, we made this site.
Learn "Logistics" on this site and think about the future?

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This site is to learn about "logistics" in the following order.

In addition, please look at Verification and Interview as a document when you read through the site.


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