When going to the sweets store frequently, there are lots of pretty wrapped items.
After all it depends on packaging, I guess it is urging the desire of purchase.
But when I bought a fridge, it was somewhat awkward box, especially the design was not very conscious feeling. Why?

What is packaging?

To protect things against external shocks, in order to raise the value of things, it is to be in a strong and highly designable box.

Producers and distributors do, machinery such as packaging machines, people's hands are the mainstay.

Mainly, it can be divided like this. "img src =" img/hoso1.png "style =" width: 700px; margin - top: 20px; margin - bottom: 20px; margin - left: 50px; margin - right: 50px;
armor ... Put items in containers such as boxes and bags and protect them from external shocks.
Create labels and slips like this> to understand what's inside.
interior ... Use bubble cushioning material (bubble wrap), styrofoam, newspaper and so on to protect goods from inside the box.
Individual packaging ... We do to increase the image and value of the product.
Even if you put the chocolate at the supermarket in the box of luxury chocolate, it is unbelievable ... ...

Standardization of packaging

We standardize the material, strength and dimensions of packaging to make the work smooth.
Reduce the size of corrugated cardboard boxes and set the strength above a certain level, saving you the trouble of choosing a box.
Also, when loading on a truck, if size is unified it will be loaded without considering how to stack.

For example, just by buying a ballpoint pen at Amazon, have you ever been sent in large cardboard boxes?
That is for this.

Environmental measures for packaging

Reduce the damage to the environment by reducing materials used for packaging and recycling materials.

For example, it is a sweet bag, plastic bottle, milk carton.
These items are labeled with ingredient identification marks for sorting.

"Pura" mark behind the package of "persimmon seed".


  • There are two types of packaging, industrial packaging and commercial packaging.
  • Unify size and intensity, and are trying to improve efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging has also appeared.

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