It feels like the easiest way to keep it. I just need to leave my luggage.
Is it really all I need?

It is not mere inventory

It does not mean that you simply keep things in logistics

The role of "storage" in logistics is to store things for a certain period of time under constant control of quality, quantities and the like in certain places.

Especially in modern times, Just-in-time (supplying demand only when there is demand) is emphasized. Furthermore, in order to cope with modern multifarious small quantity shipment, In order to cope with a small amount of shipment, we have to store more kinds of things in limited storage space.

In order to shorten the lead time, maintenance of warehouse location, proper passage width, securing of appropriate work space etc. It becomes important.

  • Primary objective is to devise just in time
  • Necessity to deal with shipment of many kinds and small quantity

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