Manpower shortage problem

I hear well the shortage of manpower in the logistics industry with news.
It is the biggest problem in the logistics industry right now.
How can we solve it?

Serious shortage of manpower into the logistics industry

Now, the logistics industry is screaming with luggage and manpower shortage that is increasing rapidly due to expansion of online mail order.

Please look at this graph. According to the survey by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the number of truck courier services handled in FY2015 is about 3.7 billion. It has increased by about 16% over the five years from 2010.

In order to differentiate themselves from other companies, service competition is also occurring, and traditional logistics services are no longer reaching the limit.

With the days when items can not be transported due to lack of labor, the logistics transformation by digital technology is likely to be a savior of screaming logistics sites.
Regarding this area, Logistics of future - Future logistics (means of transport) is explained in detail.

Many new technologies are moving toward development and practical application, but it goes without saying that it is important to gather and utilize historical data anyway.

  • New technologies are being developed one after another in order to solve the shortage of workers.
  • It is important to collect past data and make use of it.

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