Haneda chrono gate

Huge Logistics Terminal:"Haneda Chrono Gate"

From the characteristic that it is close to Haneda Airport, it constitutes the "speed transport network" of land, sea and sky.

Provide advanced "added value" such as repairing household appliances · cleaning medical equipment · proceeding with products from overseas etc.

The combination of them is Haneda Chrono Gate, the largest logistics terminal in Japan.

The role of logistics terminal

You often hear about "Logistics terminal"

But what is actually doing? There are not many people who can answer quickly when asked.

At the logistics terminal "Haneda Chrono Gate" we visited this time, Sorting collected collections by destination and It plays the role of "additional function" such as repair, medical tool, customs clearance, printing etc.

The sorting work is sorted by the belt as shown in the above figure, and with "Haneda Chrono Gate" facilities, you can sort up to 48000 pieces of luggage in one hour.

In the aspect of "added value", we have also carried out repair / medical tools, customs clearance, printing, etc, introduced earlier, and it seems that we have gone to the initial setup of the company PC for "Haneda Chrono Gate".

Logistics "Heart", Haneda Chrono Gate

"Haneda Chrono Gate" is the core of the distribution system called "gateway concept" of Yamato Transport.

By creating a facility called "gateway" between "base" and "base" as shown, it is possible to increase transportation between bases, which was only once in the evening, and efficiently, many times a day I began to carry luggage in the distance.

Currently there are several bases in each prefecture and three places in the gateway.

Floor sketch of "Haneda Chrono Gate"

Sorting work

In "Haneda Chrono Gate", sorting work is done with the feeling as shown in the figure above.

Firstly, the baggage that flows from the upper left side of the figure above is handled through the floor above the floor where this sorting work is done.

Distribution processing is the one that was inspected and customs worked etc. in order to increase added value of luggage.

As I will describe in detail later, in the case of "Haneda Chrono Gate" it seems to do cleaning and printing of surgical products, initial setting of PC for enterprises, etc. in order to increase added value.

In the lower left of the figure, the scanner reads the destination of the package that was transported from the Takkyubin Center.

When I actually looked at the members of the team, every time the baggage passed under the scanner, it glowed red and instantly read the destination information of the baggage.

In addition, I play a role that a belt is wound around a thing called "a cell" putting the baggage which flowed on safely and sends baggage to shooters easily, and there are functions to automatically revise a position of the baggage which drifted from other conveyers in the center of the cell.

When I observed it, I watched "a cell" close, but was much really bigger than I looked from far away.

About a value-added function

With "the Haneda Kurono gate ," there is the thing called "the added value function" as well as work to assort the baggage which has been merely carried simply.

"Added value" in the distribution is to add new value in the process that goes by while a thing transports it mainly.

As a subsequent flow, in the conventional case, Yamato delivered the product to another repair shop, further received the product returned from the repair shop, and further delivered it to the customer's home was necessary .

However, there will be hard to be an image by such an explanation a little.

Therefore I give some examples.

For example, please imagine time when TV which you have has been broken. Because TV is one of the things to use routinely, it will be thought that I want you to be usable as soon as possible.

At first I refer to the maker for TV having been broken. Then the maker asks Yamato to take over the product which I took from the visitor (this time as an example) this time.

As the later flow, in the case of before, Yamato sent the product to another repair shop and received the product which came back more from the repair shop again, and a process to send it to the home of the visitor was more necessary.

However, trouble to transport omit it, and a repair product reaches the repair shop for the visitor quickly by a talented person, the facilities which I can repair in Haneda Kurono gate being set by letting "a value-added function" act (this time as an example) and can reduce a shipping charge for the distribution supplier.

The value-added function in the Haneda Kurono gate crosses elsewhere and merges it, and there are washing, maintenance of the medical equipment, kitting, assembling, maintenance, repair, speed entry, bonded money, localization, an on-demand print

Contribution to the area

It is thought that you were able to understand it I read to here, and how "Haneda Kurono gate" contributes in distribution.

However, it is not over only by it being said that "the Haneda Kurono gate" contributes to distribution.

In fact, "the Haneda Kurono gate" goes for the contribution to the area shown in the upper figure.

In fact, "the Haneda Kurono gate" goes for the contribution to the area shown in the upper figure.

In addition, I seem to be able to use these facilities other than the neighboring local inhabitants.

  • The facilities which can assort baggage exactly quickly are set.
  • The merit for a visitor and the distribution supplier who are brought by performing "a value-added function."
  • Symbiosis with the outskirts area by performing local contribution.