Transportation delivery

Speaking of logistics, transportation delivery is immediate.
By the way, there are two words "shipping" and "shipping", but what is different?
Also, I will remind you of "trucks" and freight trains as "transportation". Is there anything else?

In the field of logistics, as a means to carry things, a very important role, "delivery delivery"

"Transport delivery" is a word that has two meanings, like "kanji", "transportation "and" delivery ".

However, there are not many people who can clearly explain the difference between "transport" and "delivery".

What on earth is the difference between these two words?

What is the difference between "transport" and "delivery"?

I explained earlier that "shipping delivery" has two meanings of "transportation" and "delivery".

"Transport" is the transportation between bases in a factory or corporate logistics base network, for example, it refers to a relatively long distance and large amount of transportation, such as from a production place or factory to a warehouse or distribution center I will.

"Delivery" for "transportation" means delivery from small logistics bases and sales warehouses to customers. From a wholesaler to a retail store, it refers to the movement of a short distance. Once it is easy to understand, it has a close meaning to delivery.

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