More collaboration with neighborhood stores!

Is that about taking it at a convenience store?
Exactly! Receiving at a convenience store is effective as a measure against lack of delivery personnel and increase in redelivery. However, the utilization is as low as 17.3%. (MMD研究所調査 2016年) I want everyone to receive more at convenience stores!
However, I am bothersome to pick up at a convenience store. I feel like I'm increasing the work of a clerk, I have to wait until luggage comes with it, and I am troublesome to go to a convenience store
How about an open-type home delivery locker? Even if it is not installed at home, recently it is installed in the station. In this case you do not have to wait and get off soon on your way home from school!

It is also good in the future. However, the penetration rate of the open type delivery box is still low in the rural and residential areas, and its publicity is not as high as 42%. (the questionnaire of this site)

I hope everyone will positively receive baggage at the convenience store until the penetration rate of the open type delivery box goes up!

Convenience stores are arranged properly for each area so that business is easy to do and they are familiar to us. Everyone knows the location of a convenience store in the neighborhood, and there are more people closer to the convenience store than the station.

Misaki said that it is bad for convenience store clerks, but I think that shops are glad even when customers buy a gum at the time of receipt. Receiving at convenience stores makes the opportunity to go to convenience stores.

Also, if you are troubled by going to a convenience store, you should stop by on your way home from school. If you say that you do not want to leave the house on a holiday, you can pick up your luggage at home.

Actually, 7 to 80% of people take their luggage at a convenience store because they charge for receipt of luggage at home, whereas shipping fee is free of receipt of packages at convenience stores (Seven Eleven) at mail-order site "omini 7" at Seven & I have received it.(DIAMOND online 2015年11月12日記事)

It will not be impossible.
I think that it is possible for everyone to be happy, both recipients, distributors and convenience stores.

Then, it is best to install an open type delivery box at convenience stores!


By the way, I thought about this mechanism, how about this ....

I thought it would be wasteful to have it brought from the warehouse of the mail order site to the house though the thing bought on the net is in the store near the house.

I see ... Indeed, waste is decreasing ...
Mail order site and shop side are also business and I think it is difficult
Certainly ... That's right ....
However, I hope that this is realized by successfully matching the mail-order site and the interests of the store side.

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