Logistics and environmental problems


We talked about environmental problems caused by logistics up to the previous page.
In, what kind of method is available to alleviate or solve such problems as much as possible?

Transportation division's solution

Various countermeasures are currently being conducted in Japan.
For example, the next generation car strategy was set up as a goal of the government in 2010.
Next Generation Vehicle Strategy is a strategy for the government to spread next-generation vehicles by aiming at setting goals for passenger cars and aiming for it.


Details will be explained in future logistics .


Solution for other departments

I will explain solutions to environmental problems in other departments.
※The following is a thing that touched only a certain company, and it is only a part, so be careful.

- Eliminate wasteful flights
Reduce CO2 emissions by setting transportation and delivery routes and eliminating wasteful operations.

· Reduce waste

The number of places to switch to inexpensive steel boxes is increasing ahead of the use of cardboard and wooden frames.
Reduce · Reuse · Reduce the burden on the environment by recycling.

  • Logistics has an impact on the environment, but cars are affecting it in particular.
  • Different environmental burden depending on fuel

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