Purpose of enquete

In order to investigate how much current high school students are interested in logistics in making pages.
Moreover, we thought that posting the actual high school students' ideas on the page such as Let's Think is more convincing.

Target of this enquete

271 students in the first grade on Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa High School

Content of this enquete

1. Do you know the meaning of the word "logistics"?

2. Are you interested in logistics?

3. Do you have a home delivery box at home?

4. Do you know the existence of a delivery box installed at a station or the like?

5. What do you think if re-delivery becomes charged (400 yen)?

※ The charge was due to the net super (Seiyu) re-delivery fee was 400 yen. However, when it is actually charged, it seems to be cheaper than this because (many) it is not a cool flight and the base is improving.

6. Instead, when time specification can be made for free?

7. To those who selected [2] or [3] with [5]
 Instead, how many cash back points can be used at mail-order sites (such as Amazon) without asking for redelivery, do you choose [1. convincing] with [5]?

After completing this enquete

We found out the following.
  • The awareness of "logistics" is high, but the degree of interest is low.
  • The number of delivery boxes installed was larger than expected.
  • Despite having set the price higher, more than half of the people who admit fee re-delivery fee is more than expected.
  • The amount of cash back in [7] was higher than expected.
We will make a site that will allow 75% of the remaining [2] people to also be interested in logistics!
Thank you for your cooperation!