Logistics at the time of disaster

By the way, what happened to logistics when the "Great East Japan Earthquake" that occurred several years ago?
When I went there immediately after the earthquake, I remembered that shelves were empty.

Importance of logistics at the time of disaster

Logistics plays a very important role in the event of a disaster.
If logistics stops in case of a disaster, it is impossible to deliver food, so there is no difference in giving a tremendous blow.

So, what was the logistics in past disasters?
Also, what was the problem at the time of the disaster of logistics?

East Japan great earthquake disaster and logistics

If you say the most serious and impressive disaster of past disasters, there are also many people who have this disaster in mind first.
In fact, logistics was a big success in the Great East Japan Earthquake. On the other hand, however, big problems have emerged.
Let's think about the East Japan great earthquake and logistics at once.

Activity status of logistics at the Great East Japan Earthquake

Activities of trucks in the Great East Japan Earthquake

Railway activity situation during the Great East Japan Earthquake

1.Operation of oil train to Tohoku region

From Yokohama to Morioka
Transport volume: Up to about 1,400 kl per day (about 70 car loading tank trucks)
From Yokohama to Koriyama
Transportation volume: Up to about 1,200 kl per day (about 60 tank loading tanks of 20 kl)
Total oil train transportation results (Sea of Japan Sea)
To Morioka 36,849kl
To Okayama 19,892kl
Total 56,741 kl (about 2,850 tank loaders with 20 kl loading capacity)

2. Container transportation in toilet agencies in Tohoku Line

Activities of vessels during the Great East Japan Earthquake

◎Japan Sea side
Started immediately after the disaster, land transportation was carried out from the harbor with a tank lorry of 20 kl per one car.

Fuel oil About 3,198,000kl
Crude oil 78,000kl
LPG etc. About30,000t
Transportation number About 862 vessels

◎Pacific Ocean side
We entered the port sequentially according to the port development project of the harbor, and carried out.

Fuel oil About 4,035,000kl
Crude oil 59,000kl
LPG etc. About 8,600t
Transportation number About 1415 vessels
* Schedule of harbor development project: 3.21 Sendai Shiogama Port, 3.23 Hachinohe Port, 3.25 Kashima Port, 3. 29 Hitachi Port · Onahama Port.
From : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, correspondence in East Japan great earthquake and logistics
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