I'm buying "apparel" well.
Is "apparel" also relevant to logistics?

What is apparel logistics?

On the previous page I explained the logistics of the pharmacy. Let's explain the logistics of apparel here.

I think that the relationship between the apparel industry and logistics is quite difficult to see, but it is surprisingly solid.
More than 90% of apparel goods sold in Japan are imported from overseas now.
Therefore, it is a big feature that the number of goods is very large, and it is easy to receive the influence of the trend extremely strongly. Therefore, it is necessary to build logistics of each of the standard product and the trendy product separately.
Production and supply of multiple varieties, small quantities and short cycles are also indispensable for consumers' tastes.

Delivery according to "Pickling"

Generally, when an apparel item is delivered to department store etc., Friday morning peaks. This is because the weekend centered on Saturdays and Sundays is a "crowded" where sales of apparel products increase in department stores etc., it is necessary to arrange items to the sales floor before that.
However, if delivery times etc. of products of various brands concentrate on Friday morning, smooth deliveries will not be made. For that reason, a system is being constructed in which multiple vendors collectively deliver them.

  • Promote collective delivery to department stores and others.
  • Manage both standard and trendy products.

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