Pharmacy edition

Like the convenience store, pharmacies can also arrange medicines on shelves only when there is logistics.
Especially if medicine and so on are running out, more trouble will be put on people who need more than convenience stores.

Distribution unique to pharmacies

On the previous page, I explained the logistics of convenience stores.
Let's explain the logistics of pharmacies here.

It goes without saying that pharmacies are shops dealing with medicines. That is why problems arising only from the pharmacy industry arise. Drugs are often involved in human life. To do something, you must not run out of stock. This is an idea not found in other industries thinking "inventory is bad."
However, it does not mean that you simply have a lot of inventory. The quality of pharmaceuticals will deteriorate with the passage of time.
Offering outdated medicines is a big problem, is not too much that you have to always keep an amount that is not too little.
It's a "frequent small-lot logistics" that appears to be a big success here.
Also, vaccines and the like are not stored at room temperature, storage at constant temperature or low temperature is necessary, and humidity must also be sufficient.

  • Even if the inventory of medicines is too much or too little, it becomes a problem.
  • Frequent small-lot logistics that is slightly different from other industries is being developed.

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