Convenience store

Is there any relevance between convenience stores and logistics?
I do not know well, but I often see the truck stopping in front of convenience stores.
Perhaps, I wonder if there are merchandise items from convenience stores.

Mechanism of convenience store

On the previous page I explained the mechanism of the courier and the future.
Let's explain the logistics of convenience stores here.

The POS system is becoming the key in the logistics of convenience stores.

Logistics of convenience stores understood by POS system

The point of sale system is a point of sale information management system, and all shop front information is managed at the head office in a comprehensive manner. By using this system, you can analyze each store information at a glance. Here too the frequent small-lot logistics earlier is very active.

Products sold at convenience stores have various temperature and so on. Therefore, it is important to carry all necessary items as much as you need. This is the ultimate form of frequent small-lot logistics. In addition, by purchasing directly from the manufacturer without going through wholesale trade, we are trying to shorten distribution channels as much as possible.

  • Convenience store is using POS system to achieve frequent small-lot logistics.
  • Shorten the distribution route by purchasing directly from manufacturers.

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