Courier service

The courier is often in front of the entrance.
Me,too. But how did the luggage there came before the entrance?

The mechanism of the courier service

On the previous page I explained how important logistics is played in online shopping industry.

Let me explain the mechanism of the courier service that delivers what we bought through the Internet mail order to the house. Again, I prepared a simple diagram.

You can see that parcels deliver luggage to your households through many processes unexpectedly.

The future of courier

As we introduced on the previous page, we are now converting to frequent small-lot distribution due to expansion of online mail order market. This is greatly related to the future of the courier service.

Actually, the problem that the delivery company has now is most often caused by frequent small-lot logistics. It explains it on Probs & Solutions.

  • There are many courier processes.
  • Frequent retail logistics is causing problems that the delivery company has.

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