Online shopping

I often use online shopping.
It has become indispensable in everyday life.

Mechanism of online shopping

Online shopping is very convenient, isn't it?. I use it for many times.
Let's explain from such a convenient online shopping system.I prepared a simple diagram.
It turns out that logistics plays the most important role of delivering products from dealers to us.
There is a movement to try to streamline the flow of things like that online shopping.

Continue expanding online shopping

Online mail order market is expanding steadily.
And huge distribution centers corresponding to the logistics of online mail order are being built one after another. Distribution center for net mail order correspondence is called fulfillment center.
Fulfillment center is a comprehensive logistics center that quickly and accurately performs inventory management, product management, receipt / shipment, packing, and delivery of Internet mail order company in conjunction with the information system.

Also, as the online mail order expansion expanded, the way of logistics is about to change. So far, logistics has been common in large trading, but online mail order must be delivered directly to each consumer's home.

This is called Frequent small-lot logistics.

  • Logistics is the most important in the flow of online shopping.
  • It is increasing frequent logistics due to expansion of online shopping

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